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KM Kennedi Madison

50 Shades Brow Fix

50 Shades Brow Fix

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Vibrant Brow Gel: Long-Lasting Eyebrow Enhancer

Enhance and Perfect Your Brows with the 50 Shades Brow Fix

  • Achieve stunning eyebrow looks that last for up to 2 days
  • Innovative gel-mousse formula effortlessly fills and colors your brows
  • Flawless finish that won't smudge or fade
  • The ultimate solution for beautiful, long-lasting brows

All-in-One Brow Building Formula

  • Builds, shapes, and seals brows in one easy step
  • Specifically formulated to create full, natural-looking brows
  • Adheres to both skin and hair, even sparse brows can be built up
  • No need for additional products, this multitasking formula does it all

Long-Lasting and Easy to Apply

  • Ultra-fast drying formula sets in seconds, no touch-ups needed
  • Naturally glides onto brows with a light, airy consistency
  • No worries about harsh lines or waxy build-up
  • Minimizes oil around the hair follicle to keep pigments in place
  • Nourishes and hydrates to prevent flaking and transferring

Infused with Argan Oil

  • Provides nourishment to the hair and locks in moisture
  • Boosts blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Antioxidants protect against environmental stressors
  • Keeps the skin firm and smooth

Highly Pigmented and Paraben-Free

  • Gel-mousse formula is highly pigmented, ensuring a rich and vibrant color payoff
  • Paraben-free for your peace of mind

Easy Application

Use the stiff, long-flocked applicator to brush the gel-mousse formula through your brows until you achieve your desired effect. Allow a few seconds for each coat to dry slightly before applying another layer for a fuller effect.

Net Weight: 0.0246oz / 7g

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